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CVSA's 2016 Operation Safe Driver Week Oct. 16-22

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Law enforcement agencies across North America are preparing once again for a week of heightened traffic safety enforcement as part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Operation Safe Driver Week. This year, Operation Safe Driver Week will occur during the entire week of October 16th.  The goal... Read more →

5 Keys to Hit Good MPG

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1. Keep Idle Conservative –
        OTR drivers are to be under 30%
        Local drivers are to be under 10%
        Rule of Thumb – When you set the brake; turn off the truck. Do not allow it to idle while you are in... Read more →

Venture Logistics Driver Earns Master Truck Driver Award

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On February 15, Venture Logistics was honored to celebrate yet another great achievement of one of our drivers. Mr. Arvel Wayne Smith was named an IMTA Master Truck Driver. Smith has been a professional driver for 37 years and earned this recognition for... Read more →

IMTA Driver of the Month Award Winners

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Each year the Indiana Motor Truck Association recognizes drivers who were nominated throughout the state of Indiana for safe driving, accident free miles and years. Two of our drivers were recognized in the award presentation in January.  It is quite... Read more →

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