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CVSA's 2016 Operation Safe Driver Week Oct. 16-22

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Law enforcement agencies across North America are preparing once again for a week of heightened traffic safety enforcement as part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Operation Safe Driver Week. This year, Operation Safe Driver Week will occur during the entire week of October 16th.  The goal... Read more →

Lafayette Terminal Gets A New Look

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As everyone within the company already knows, Venture Logistics is continuing to grow without an end in sight. One of our locations experiencing this rapid growth is our Lafayette Terminal. With this growth comes a need for more and more... Read more →

Lafayette Cookout

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On June 17th, the Lafayette terminal had a cookout out for its Drivers and office staff. The cookout gave everyone a chance to sit down, eat a hot meal, and get to know each other... Read more →

More Information on Portland Crossdock

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Venture Global Solutions’ crossdock in Portland, TN is set to open one month from today. In anticipation of its opening, we wanted to share a fun fact about the operation. The crossdock will be 34,000 sq. ft. and... Read more →

President Greg Eddy's Comments on the I-69 Extension

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In an article from Inside Indiana Business, Venture Logistics' President, Greg Eddy, gives his thoughts on how the I-69 extension will positively effect the company. He explains how the increased connectivity and reduction in drive time will allow all of Venture Logistics' operations to grow rapidly.

If you would... Read more →

St. Louis Road Check Cookout

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Our St. Louis terminal had some fun during the first day of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck, by cooking hotdogs and talking with Drivers about how to best prepare for the safety blitz. The International Roadcheck started on June 7th and... Read more →

Rail to Truck Warehouse Construction Update: Part 2

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About a month ago, we shared some pictures of how the construction of the Venture Logistics Rail served warehouse in Indianapolis was coming along. Last Friday, our partners at The Indiana Rail Road... Read more →

Driver Referral Program

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New Signs for Indy Cross Dock

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Our new signs for the Indianapolis Cross Dock have arrived and have begun to be put up! The signs are simple, bold, and easy to read. We purchased these signs to make it easier for drivers to navigate the Read more →

5 Keys to Hit Good MPG

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1. Keep Idle Conservative –
        OTR drivers are to be under 30%
        Local drivers are to be under 10%
        Rule of Thumb – When you set the brake; turn off the truck. Do not allow it to idle while you are in... Read more →

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