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Rail to Truck Warehouse Construction Update: Part 2

Posted 5:27 PM by

About a month ago, we shared some pictures of how the construction of the Venture Logistics Rail served warehouse in Indianapolis was coming along. Last Friday, our partners at The Indiana Rail Road... Read more →

Rail to Truck Warehouse Construction Update

Posted 8:06 PM by

It has been a little under 7 months since Venture Logistics and The Indiana Rail Road Company announced their partnership and the construction of a state-of-the-art Rail served warehouse located on the South Side of Read more →

Four Venture Logistics Burrough-Stallsmith Scholarships Awarded!

Posted 2:00 PM by

Named after long-time Venture Logistics employees, Marc Burrough and Orval Stallsmith, the annual Burrough - Stallsmith scholarship award provides recipients with a $2,500 scholarship that can be applied to their college, vocational training or truck driving school education. The award is given to Venture Logistics/TransCorr employees or their family... Read more →

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