In the winter of 2015 UFP Technologies began our search for a 3rd party logistics supplier in our Grand Rapids facility, mainly focused on cost savings through consolidation. At that time, we used various carriers for our inbound freight, but after choosing Venture Connect as our sole partner on April 1, of 2016 it was immediately clear that we made the correct choice.

Now in our fifth year with Venture Connect we have gone from using them as a sole provider in our Grand Rapids facility to using them as a sole provider for all of our plants company wide.

While showing the exceptional cost savings we were looking for (even exceeding our first year target), the benefits we realized went much beyond that. We now have a single source monitoring window times, setting up pickups at our suppliers, organizing expedites, and helping with international shipments. We saw window times become more organized and followed, leading to a vast reduction in detention fees. The Venture Connect team dealt with carriers and vendors all in the background while allowing us to focus on running our business.

The Venture Connect team’s professional approach, willingness to change with our company’s needs, and ability to work with our suppliers to provide logistics solutions has proven to save time and money.


Matt Hale

Supply Chain Manager

United Foam Products Technologies