Regardless of the size of your organization or whether you are looking for warehousing, distribution center, fulfillment, or distributed inventory services, Venture Solutions can provide innovative warehouse and cross docking management solutions that are cost-effective and operationally efficient.

Venture can design a solution to handle your company’s unique logistics requirements and distribution service needs, providing high quality warehousing, manufacturing support, transportation, and general out-sourced logistical services for customers anywhere in the U.S.

Benefits we can bring to your business:

  • Low inventories: Low space requirement, high asset utilization
  • High in-stock: High customer satisfaction, higher sales, low lost sales
  • High inventory turnover: High service with low investment
  • Efficient resource utilization: Minimum resource requirements
  • Optimum transportation mode: select the most efficient mode for bulk shipping into crossdock
  • Fewer handling locations


Value Added Services:

The art of fulfillment is in the data. Our Warehouse Management System is built on MS SQL to make it easy to integrate with our customers’ ERP system. From manufacturers shipping “Just In Time” for their production lines to Ecommerce companies drop shipping to the end consumer, Venture handles it all. Shipments are arranged to deliver at precise times and tracking numbers are uploaded to our customers ERP simultaneously.

We supply a variety of packaging equipment to fit our customer’s needs. Blister, RF sealing, Shrink bundling and full enclosed shrink applications are just some of our services. If the project needs equipment, we’ll buy it and run the project saving customer the trouble of sourcing equipment and carrying the capital investment. We are always buying and selling equipment as projects come to us.

Kitting & Assembly
Our kitting and assembly teams have built complex Point of Sale displays in record time. We have the ability to scale operations from 1 shift to a 24 hour operation. Our team of experts will maintain a constant pace of production and will always hit the target ship date. Again, our system creates a BOM and decrements the part SKU’s numbers into the finished SKU seamlessly.

Inventory Management
Our VMI program is growing in popularity for our manufacturing customers. The cost of warehousing vendor’s product for manufacturing is too costly, but production lines can’t run out of product. We dedicate our warehouse and operation to keeping the production line up and running. We have our fleet of trucks to deliver for a Just in Time delivery program. With the ability to give complete visibility of inventory levels to the manufacturer while keeping vendors notified of inventory fluctuations, our system drives the relationship.

Rail Warehouse

Rail Warehouse

Walk through the newest Food Grade Certified and rail accessible warehouse within 100 miles of Indianapolis.



Consolidation & Warehousing

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