Venture Transport is a company-owned, asset-based transportation company. Asset utilization, understanding maintenance, and best-in-class fleet replenishment cycles are core to our operations. We are willing and financially capable to invest in the equipment your business requires, to include assuming your private fleet assets whether they’re currently leased or owned.

When assessing a dedicated operation, we always look at the total cost of ownership (TCO) from the customer’s viewpoint. Performance, safety, regulatory compliance and capital investment are important considerations. We’re confident we can improve performance and help you mitigate your risk profile while you preserve your capital and devote your time to your company’s core competencies.

In addition, we always look to leverage our scale in order to pass additional value to our customers. Technology and systems can be expensive and time consuming for your personnel. We deliver a full suite of KPIs and tools with every engagement increasing transparency along the way. Our fleet is your fleet.



Dedicated Fleets/Operations

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