We were recently informed that our customer Subaru Automotive has made the difficult decision to shut down their Lafayette Plant for two weeks due to an interruption in the supply of certain parts that use semiconductors (or microchips) that are critical to their operations. Supply chain disruptions are currently a global issue that are affecting most automobile manufacturers. Fortunately, SIA has been able to minimize the impact to this point, even though many industry peers began to feel the impact of these issues late last year. Nevertheless, at this juncture they have deemed a shutdown is necessary. As a result, we have no choice but to temporarily reduce our staffing to commensurate levels and Venture has determined that it must put certain employees on temporary furlough status.  Employees placed on furlough may be eligible for unemployment benefits, depending upon state law of their domicile. The furlough period is scheduled to begin on Monday April 19th, 2021. We anticipate the furlough will last until the current situation allows us to return to business as usual, which we expect to be on or about May 3rd, 2021. We will continue to use this site and other means of communication to keep you updated with the any new information we receive.

The Venture Leadership Team

Greg Eddy

Greg Eddy

Chief Executive Officer, Venture Transportation Partners
Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis

Chief Administrative Officer, Venture Transportation Partners
Jim Rapp

Jim Rapp

Executive VP of Growth and Business Development, Venture Transportation Partners
Justin Weber

Justin Weber

Chief Operating Officer, Venture Transportation Partners
Alana Barnett

Alana Barnett

Executive Director of Finance and Accounting

General Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, we invite you to contact HRTeam@venturelogistics.com or call 317-582-6635.

Furlough FAQs

1. How long is this furlough going to last?
A: Subaru has communicated to us that they expect this shut down to commence on April 19th, 2021 and that they will return to normal operations after two weeks on Monday May 3rd, 2021.
2. What happens if the furlough is extended?
A: We anticipate this furlough will only last for the two weeks that has been communicated by SIA. However, we recognize that the current disruptions impacting the global supply chain are fluid and could affect the duration of the shutdown. We will continue to keep employees informed as we obtain any new information.
3. Will I be paid during this time?
A: No, while out on furlough you will not be paid by the company. As a result, while on furlough, you are prohibited from performing any work for the Company. You cannot send or receive work-related email or text messages nor should you be on work-related calls while on furlough. The Company may restrict your access to Company property or the Company systems or network during the temporary furlough period
4. Am I able to use any remaining Vacation or PTO available to me?
A: Yes, if you have remaining PTO or Vacation time you are able to apply that time towards this furlough period in order to receive pay. If you would like to exercise this option, please reach out to your direct manager and inform them how much time you would like to use. If you are unsure of how much time you have remaining, please contact HRTeam@venturelogistics.com and we will provide you with that information.
5. If I’m not getting paid will I be eligible for unemployment benefits?
A: The Company will not contest your application for unemployment benefits if you apply for such benefits during the furlough period. Your eligibility for benefits will be determined by the State in which you file and not by the Company.
Please be sure to use the following legal entity name when filing for your benefits:
Transport – Venture Logistics, LLC
Solutions – Venture Global Solutions, LLC
6. What will happen to my health and welfare benefits during this furlough period?
A: Your benefits will continue for the two weeks you are scheduled to be out on furlough. The company has agreed to pay your employee premiums for the weeks of April 19th and April 26th.
7. What will happen to my seniority during this furlough?
A: Your seniority date will not be impacted by the furlough unless you should choose to separate your employment with Venture during this period.
8. Will I continue to accrue PTO & Vacation?

A: Yes, while on furlough, you will continue to accrue PTO and vacation. You may request any accrued PTO to be paid out to you during the furlough period, but you are not required to use your PTO. You should notify your manager if you would like to use your PTO or Vacation time during the furlough.
9. If I chose to leave Venture during the furlough, what date will be used as my termination date?
A: If you choose to separate your employment during the furlough period, we will use your date of notice as your termination date. If you do not return from furlough and we do not hear from you within two days, we will treat it the same as we would with any other job abandonment case and process your resignation on the 3rd day.
10. Is there a waiting period to be eligible for unemployment benefits?
A: Each state is different, but in most cases many states have waived the standard one week waiting period for unemployment benefits due to COVID. Please refer to your states unemployment website for specific information pertaining to the waiting period.
11. Where should I file for unemployment benefits?
A: You should file for unemployment benefits in the state in which you are domiciled. This means that if you are driver for Venture Lafayette based out of TX, you will file for unemployment benefits in the state of Texas.

Instructions for Filing for Unemployment

Click the link below to download the PDF with instructions for filing unemployment.

Filing for Unemployment